Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jess and Steve

Jess is one of my dearest friends and she is marrying a man I introduced her to.  :)  She and her fiance, Steve, wanted to do a vintage theme for their save the dates and we came up with a FREAKING FANTASTIC plan. Since they do not want me to post their image before their guests receive them, I will have to wait to share it with you. It is one of my favorite images EVER!

However, I can share a some other of my favorites from this afternoon. Jess is wearing Steve's grandmother's dress--awwwwww. That Thunderbird was just parked in a lot and a man let us go into his closed antique store for that tv room shot. How perfect could this shoot get--we had so much fun!

Jess and Steve are so in love with each other and I am beyond thrilled for them. Love you guys (and you can name your first born after me to thank me)!

(click to enlarge)


chesley said...

great shots! wish i'd know you were going to be in Lebanon & I might've called you for a certain 2 year old's pictures :-)!

Lauren Shakespeare said...


I really can't wait to get my headshots done, and maybe some day you'll be doing some shots of Billy & Me!!

Do you have any upcoming dates where you need someone to watch the munchkins??? ;)