Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Candy, Jason, Jack, and Sam: Nashville Photographer {Santa Rosa Beach Photographer}

 When we go on vacation with my sister, it's a given that we will photograph each other's families. Her boys (all 3 of them) pretty much hate this about our trips, but they are good sports tolerate it for the most part.

On August 17, my sister and brother-in-law celebrated 17 years of marriage. It seemed appropriate to focus on the two of them for most of the shoot (that and the fact that my nephews were not cooperating...but they are 12 and 13. What do you want?!?). 

Candy & Jason, I love to see the way you two still love each other. PK and I love going on vacation with you. We love spending time with you and the boys and we love that you tolerate conspiracy theories, game nights, and photo shoots. 

Happy Anniversary!!


Isn't my sister beautiful?!?


Candy Howard said...

Thank you so, so much! Love them, love you, love these, love yours, love our vacations!!!

Nicole Elliott said...

So beautiful! I had to come back for a second look this morning!