Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ian Gabriel, 14: Smyrna, TN Photographer

I'm in denial. It's not possible for me to have a 14 year old. 

Ok, it's possible. But how did this happen?!?

While I was shooting these, I found myself taken aback. When did he start looking like, well,  a teenager

I still see remnants of that sweet baby boy who would lay his head on my shoulder and press his lashes against my neck. The one who would say "Mommy, I hold you!" when he wanted me to pick him up.

He's turning into a man. He thinks he's grown up, but he has no idea what the world holds for him.

He will start high school this fall. High school. That is so scary for me. He is the best kid. He's so polite and considerate. So thoughtful and sweet. Pair that with how gorgeous he is? Trouble.

 He's also a total jerk. A smart ass. A pain. (Ok, that's usually only reserved for me) Irresponsible. Forgetful. Could care less about school work. 

Did I mention trouble?

 He will get his braces off soon. Maybe then he'll let me capture that great smile a bit more.

I love that laugh so much.

I'm so very lucky he is mine. I'm lucky he still thinks I'm cool (at least he says he does) and will sing in the car with me.

You were my first true love, Ian Gabriel. I love you more than I can ever express.
Happy Birthday baby boy.

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