Friday, August 8, 2014

Ian & Averie: Back to School Photo Shoot {High School and Kindergarten}

This originally was just going to be a kindergarten shoot for Averie since I fully expected Ian to not want anything to do with it (you know, being a cool high schooler and all). He told me he was willing to jump in a few.  I love how much he watches over his baby sister (even when she annoys the crap out of him). I love how she looks up to him and thinks he is the greatest big brother ever.

My baby girl in kindergarten.
(She starts next week. I will be worthless.)

My baby boy in high school.
(He started a couple days ago. I cried. I'm a loser)

Oh, my heart can't stand this.

So many emotions. 

I want time to slow down just a little.

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