Monday, December 1, 2014

Magnolia Grace, 3 years: Smyrna, TN Photographer

I've been so excited about Maggie's 3 year session!! My dear friends Joanna & Mark made the 50 minute drive to meet me at this gorgeous cotton field where I envisioned Maggie running around and having a blast. However, when they arrived she was sleeping and this girl was not happy about waking up. We tried for about 40 minutes through tears and snuggles to get her to play, but she just kept saying she wanted to go home. We tried bribery. Nada. We tried to trick her into getting out of Jo's arms. Nada. All of my usual tricks just weren't working.

So, we decided to give up and said our goodbyes. On our drive out, I called Jo and told her we might as well get some shots of just her and Mark since the light was gorgeous. They agreed and we pulled over. We left Maggie in the car and I took a few shots of them. I hear Maggie crying, so I told them to let me go get her out of the car. She cried the whole walk to Mommy & Daddy, but then we used some cotton to wipe her nose and I threw some at her. 

Was that a smile?


That's all it took. 

We had so much fun giggling and chasing each other all around. Those golden curls were bouncing in the sunlight and her laughter was contagious. It was everything I hoped I would be able to capture for  this 3 year old girl. 

Such a special day. 

Happy Birthday, Maggie!!!!


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