Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jude Alexander, 8 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

 I spent yesterday with my cousins and the newest addition to our family at the zoo. Jude was sound asleep the entire day and couldn't be woken up for anything. His parents were talking about how he is such a great sleeper and I told them right then and there that he would be awake for his session today.

I was right.

This guy gave us a few minutes here and there, but nothing like that sound slumber yesterday. Ha ha. His big sister Caroline has to be THE most doting and adoring big sister I have ever seen. I did way more sibling setups than I usually do because she is so stinking sweet with him. Jude's parents claimed they had not seen a single smile from him yet, but he was full of them today. This first shot completely slays me.

Congratulations, Lindsey & Chris! 
Love you all!!

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