Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ian Gabriel, 17...


How did this even happen?

It's been a huge year for this kid. His talents are shining through in full force. I've always been so proud of him, but to see him being recognized for something he loves is crazy awesome. He really is going to go places (if he will just get some motivation. Let's be real...he's a teenage boy.)

Speaking of being real, this room of his smells like feet. And all of his dirty clothes and clutter were just pushed to the other side of the room for these images. 

And John Mayer is his man crush. So weird.

I feel like he's had a year of transition. He can still be an asshole (mostly just to me), but I can see the man he is becoming--peeking through the teenage exterior. He really is one of the most incredible human beings I will ever know.  

I have been his mom for 17 years. That just seems unfathomable. I don't know how we got here so quickly. This is the end of his junior year. The beginning of the end of his childhood. I've read things over the years about starting to not be the center of your child's world, about the beginning of losing them. It's been happening before my eyes, but I still can't grasp it. This tiny boy who relied on me for every single thing is this wonderful, kind, sensitive, goofball of a man-child...

It does make me a bit sad and I long for more time with him as a sweet, innocent baby boy. However, I really wasn't prepared for how awesome it is to be a mom of this almost grown-up. I love our conversations.  I love that he has the same taste in movies as me and loves to be my theater date. I love that he is so caring and is the first to step in as nurturer if I need help or am sick. I love that when he hugs you, you know he really means it. I love that he still dances with me in the kitchen. I even love his girlfriend of the past 1.5 years...

He is the absolute best kid I have ever known. 
I am 100% the luckiest mom.  
Even when I have to bribe him for his birthday shoot. 
(He only wanted Blue Coast)

Happy Birthday, Ian Gabriel.
I love you so freaking much.

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