Saturday, July 23, 2011

NC and DC: Our vacation

North Carolina:

my sister
my nephews
my brother in law
 playing with hair
cooking (from scratch)
ice cream concoctions
photographing each other

These boys love visiting each other.

Averie loved the sailboat.

I asked my sis to take a few shots of me and my hubby...she's pretty awesome.

Then I took a few of my sis and her hubs.

Isn't she beautiful?


my brother-in-law and sister-in-law
my unborn niece
walking....lots of it
heat--with lots of sweating
dining out nightly
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
Ford's Theatre
Spy Museum
The Metro
The zoo
Price is Right

The reflecting pool is under contruction, so this is as close as we went.

The Metro

Averie asked to go on "the train" every day.

 The Hope Diamond...

Air and Space Museum

Those of you that know Averie know her love for her Hippo. This one was pretty exciting!

This panda loved Ian. He went right to him and put his hand against the glass where Ian was standing. They were touching thorough the glass...awwwww.

No pictures inside the Spy Museum.

Inside Ford's Theatre--this was pretty amazing.

My in-laws graciously hosted us in DC and they are having a baby girl in a couple of months! They did not want to do maternity photos (party poopers), but decided to give me 15 minutes at their place to snap a few shots.

By their pool....(there is a tiny bump if you look closely. Ha ha).

Adam loves golf and they frequent this 7-Eleven next to their house.

Slurpies? Yes, please.

We had a great vacation, but it's soooo good to be home.  :)

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