Friday, December 23, 2011

Ryatt Oliver, A Birth Story: Nashville Birth Photographer {Middle Tennessee Childbirth Photographer}

People often ask what's my favorite thing to photograph?
It's this.

Victoria and Mitchell graciously invited me to be a part of Ryatt Oliver's birthday today. I got the call last night that Victoria's water had broken (2 1/2 weeks early) and I barely slept waiting to hear progress. Around 7:00AM, Mitchell told me that she had been at 3cm all night and that things were happening slowly. Fast forward to 8:30AM, and he texted me that she was at 8cm. I hopped in my car and sped the whole way there.

When I arrived at 9:00AM, Victoria had just gotten her epidural and was waiting for it to kick in. She was such a rock star throughout the whole birth and I am extremely honored to be able to witness Ryatt's arrival into the world. Here's the story...

Time to push...

 An hour later, Victoria was hanging tough...

The moment everyone's been waiting for.

Instead of handing the baby to Mom, the doctor handed the baby to Dad. It caught him a little off guard, but the good news is he didn't seem to mind at all...

Then it was Mom's turn.

6.11 oz    19.5 in

Ryatt is perfect. 

Time to meet big sister, Kylar. She was beaming with pride. Love the next few shots...

Victoria and Mitchell, I don't have the words to tell you how excited I am for you. Thank you for letting me be a part of Ryatt's birth, and thank you both for being such amazing friends. Love you guys!!

Welcome to the world, Ryatt Oliver.

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