Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Montgomery 3: Nashville Photographer of the Awesome

Many of you have been following Joanna's story--and if you haven't been, now is the time to start. I've told her many times how lucky I feel that our paths have crossed. I am so grateful (understatement) that she has trusted me with the gift of documenting the journey of their family, from her pregnancy through now. I love that the laughter flows when they are around. Watching her and Mark together is hilarious and kinda gross at the same time because the love just oozes from their pores. Yeah, it's the kind of love everyone should hope for. I completely adored this clan the first time we met, but now I love just being a friend. When Joanna is done kicking cancer's ass I'm going to make her hang out with me more. (You don't have a choice Joanna). I may also kidnap precious Maggie for a bit.  ;)

We had talked about doing a "bald shoot" when she was ready and Sunday night we made plans to do the shoot Monday afternoon. Like everyone that knows Joanna expected, she completely rocks the look. The ever fabulous Sylvia Fox had finished Joanna's makeup and we were doing a few test shots. I'll let Joanna explain the awesome moment that we all got to experience:

"One of those unexplainable cosmic things that lets me know this is all part of a bigger plan set out by the universe...

During a break in the shoot, there was a knock at the studio door. Brooke answered, and accepted a box being delivered by the postal carrier. The box was addressed to "The Montgomery 3, c/o Brooke Kelly". This was strange, as no one knew we were going to be at the studio that day....we didn't know it ourselves until the afternoon before.

We opened the box to find a beautiful note, written by a woman named Darla who had learned of us through the blog. This was a woman neither Mark nor I had met. She said that she had received an item recently, imprinted with the number 3. She asked the person who had given it to her what the number meant, why the person had chosen it for her, and the person replied that she didn't know...she just wanted her to have it. And then this woman read about our story and realized that the item was meant for our family. So, she boxed it up and mailed it to the photographer, hoping it would get to us. And it just happened to arrive while we were there, all three of us.

It was a goosebump kind of moment. And made the day, and the experience, all the more special, for all of us."

Thank you for letting me share, Joanna.
I love the Montgomery 3.

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