Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reme Lynn Marie: Nashville Birth Photographer {Middle TN Birth Photographer}

My heart is so very full.

What a beautiful, glorious, most perfect day.

Today I had the honor of watching another best friend become a mommy. How lucky am I to take part in such moments?? I am blessed beyond words.

I honestly can not think of two people more suited to be parents. Jess and Steve were made to have this baby. They have waited a long time and been through so much to get to today and I am so grateful that they not only trusted me to be a part of their day, but that they are such inspiring and incredible friends to me (and my husband and my babies).

Today goes down as one of my all-time favorite days. Ever.

Today I got to watch two become three.

Today I got to witness what life is all about.

{Jess had a scheduled c-section this morning and she and Steve spent the morning alone before the surgery. Here is my account of this most amazing day after she arrived....}

Today was definitely legendary for the Millers.  :)

It was a cold, cloudy day this morning. This was the view in Nashville.

 The time Reme Lynn Marie took her first breath.

Heading out of recovery to the nursery with Daddy.

First bath--check out that strawberry blonde hair!!

Mom headed to the room to wait for her baby girl...

Then there were three...

A lamb from Daddy.

A toast was in order...

 Welcome to this world, Reme Lynn.
 Only a beautiful soul could come from the combination of your mom and dad.
You are so loved.

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