Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Charles Fitz, A Birth Story: Nashville Birth Photographer {Middle TN Birth Photographer}

Victoria was 9 days overdue, so she and Mitchell checked into the hospital at 4:30AM yesterday morning. She was already 5cm dilated, so her doctor broke her water and her body took over... 

It was a beautiful day and I grabbed a couple of shots as I parked (and picked up some Burt's Bee's as requested for Victoria). I always mention that births are my absolute favorite thing to photograph, but it's even more special when I am doing it for my dear friends. It's such an overwhelmingly emotional experience and I am so grateful that they trusted me to take part in this adventure again with them.

Victoria was still smiling when I arrived, so Mitchell stepped out to grab some lunch. 

She kept looking over at the warmer and talking about how there was going to be a baby in there soon. We were so excited!

Victoria was hoping for no interventions, so she walked the halls to try and get things moving.

 Contractions were starting to get painful, so she requested to be taken off the monitors. She spent lots of time on the birthing ball and Mitchell was helping her through each wave of pain by massaging her back and helping with the pressure on her hips.

It was so beautiful to watch them together. Victoria was absolutely incredible and so wonderful about trying to keep her body from holding tension with each contraction. 

Victoria was having terrible back labor. She was able to vocalize where she wanted Mitchell to keep pressure/massage and they were such a team. It was very difficult for me to document her because I wanted to offer her support as well (and I tagged team Mitchell a couple of times to try and give him a break). She was so strong and determined.

After many hours of laboring without any medication, she was "9.5cm" dilated (there was only the tiniest lip of cervix left). She was exhausted and asked for her epidural. She was completely dilated by the time it was placed, but she still had awhile to go because baby boy was still very high. She was able to rest for a couple hours before she had to work hard again...

 Victoria's mom and aunt stopped in to check on her and update with how Ryatt (their 2 year-old) was doing.

It was finally time to have a baby!

Victoria worked SO incredibly hard and pushed for hours. This baby was very cozy inside. There was some concern that he may have been to big for her to push out, but I think all that talk motivated her to work even harder. She was a rock star!

This is the moment...

 He has curly blond hair like his brother!

 Welcome to the world, Charles Fitz! You have some amazing parents and an awesome big brother and sister. I can't wait to see you again!!

Victoria and Mitchell--you guys blow me away. 
Thank you for letting me take part in Fitz's birthday. Love you all!

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