Monday, February 17, 2014

Harrison Thames, 18 months: Murfreesboro Baby Photographer {Chronicles of Narnia Photoshoot}

 Harrison is going to have a baby brother in a few months, so he recently got a new room. The theme? The Chronicles of Narnia

We were really hoping to get snow last week to be able to do these and we even contemplated a trip to Chattanooga when we saw the snow there. However, it wasn't in the cards. We made our own make- shift Narnia instead (and his Momma made a crown just for him)...

After we left Narnia, it was time to just capture HT. The only problem is that he just wanted his Momma to hold him. So, I had to make her leave.  ;)

In these shots, we were looking for a bunny. We never found one, but he was pretty excited about it.

The shots below are some of my favorites. Except for the fact that he looks like he's 3. Ugh! HT just loves my daughter and she was helping us out here. She was throwing leaves at him and had him giggling up a storm. I loved watching them play (that's a rarity since he usually gets on that 5 year-old girl's nerves). Love this boy so much!!

 Stop growing up so fast, sweet boy. <3 p="">

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