Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ramsey Jane, A Birth Story: Nashville Birth Photographer {Middle TN Birth Photographer}

It was a dark and foggy morning on the way to the hospital to meet Kathryn and Nick. We were all up before the sun to welcome their 3rd baby into the world.  Kathryn either put up a good front, or she was the calmest woman I've ever seen getting ready for her c-section. Nick was busy trying to get all of his go-pro accessories together for the day. Ha ha ha.

This is the story of Ramsey Jane's birthday...

Since I couldn't go into the OR, I fixed my camera settings and handed it over to Nick. He gave me some great shots to edit and I loved getting to see his perspective in the operating room. This is when they got to meet Ramsey for the first time!

This beautiful baby girl weighed in at 9lb 2oz with a gorgeous head of hair. She also has some lungs. She wanted to EAT and had already left a mark on her hand from sucking on it in utero.

After she ate and got some snuggles with mom, it was time to meet her big brother and sister! They weren't so sure what to think about mom in the bed combined with a loud baby, but they warmed up and were both so excited to hold her.

Look at the beautiful family of five!!! 

Kathryn and Nick, thank you so much for letting me document Ramsey's entrance into the world. I loved every second. Can't wait to see you all at her newborn session!!

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