Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My kiddos, Ian and Averie: Nashville Child Photographer

My babies are growing up too quickly. Every time I look at them something had changed--they are a little taller, a little smarter, a little funnier, and I want to push pause on my life sometimes. It moves so quickly after you have children and I find myself trying to grasp on to them and keep them boxed up so I can remember these moments.

Last month my son turned 10. TEN! How did that happen? He is no longer my little boy, but a smart-mouthed turd who can be sweet when no one is looking. I love that he still asks me to tuck him in at night and sing him a song (though he would never admit it to anyone else). He's gorgeous--I have already had to tell girls to stop calling.  He refuses to let me pick out his clothes and he is growing his hair out...again. 
Ten.    sigh...

 My precious baby girl is now 18 months old. Her favorite word is "Da-deee." She peed in the potty for the first time last week (which I'm sure was a total fluke). She still lays her head on my shoulder with her hippo ("Bippo")  when she is tired. I love when she wakes up in the morning and I bring her to our bed and she snuggles and smiles until my husband and I have to force ourselves to get up. How can I freeze time? 


chesley said...

They are so beautiful! That boy of yours is gonna break some hearts!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so beautiful and the pictures of them are fabulous!!