Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nicole & Mike: Nashville/Smyrna Maternity Photographer

 If you've had a shoot with me over the past few weeks, you have probably met my "intern" Nicole. She has been living with her husband in Switzerland for the past couple of years and decided to come back home to have her first baby. This shoot was crazy from beginning to end. Her husband, Mike, still lives overseas and was only going to be here for a couple of days before the end of her pregnancy. He came straight from the airport on Friday after a long (and delayed) flight from Germany to do this session! He was such a great sport about the whole thing.

 We had to trudge through an overgrown field full of who knows what for these (but of course it was worth it, right Mike?). Ha ha.

Isn't she just gorgeous??? It's kind of ridiculous.

It must be hard to be so unfortunate looking...  ;)

Nicole got crafty and made her own tutu...

And she also made this t-shirt. Fan-freaking-tastic!!

We knew we wanted to do some shots in a laundromat, but ended up driving around forever trying to find an open one. We came up frustrated and empty handed Friday, but decided to do a quick 15 minute set this morning before Mike's flight leaves later today. So, SO cute.


I can't wait to see if these two are having a boy or a girl (and hopefully Mike will be here)! Stay tuned and we'll know in a couple more months. :)
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