Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kennedy, 7 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

If you have had a shoot with me over the past several months, chances are you met my intern Nicole. She has been so awesome to have around and I have really missed having her here! I was supposed to photograph her birth, but as luck would have it her water broke the day after I went on vacation. Go figure! Luckily, my awesome back up stepped in and was able to capture that for her (thanks again Chesley!!).

Nicole and Mike did not find out what they were having, and much to Nicole's surprise it was a girl! This scrumptious baby girl listened to all of her Mommy's threats while she was in the womb and had the easiest shoot ever. We got through a ton of shots in less than 2 hours. It was fantastic!!

Nicole--thank you for being such a wonderful assistant. I wish you weren't moving away and I could keep you around. I'm so glad it was finally your turn today and I am in love with Kennedy. She is BEAUTIFUL!!

Hope you love them to pieces.  ♥

(extra long preview...)

Dad works for Nestle...we needed a shot for his office.  ;)

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