Sunday, April 3, 2011

Krista & Clint Tie the Knot!! Murfreesboro, TN Wedding Photographer (Oaklands)

As many I know you know, I worked for the wonderfully talented Krista Lee for many years. She has not only been a great mentor to me, but a wonderful friend. She shot my wedding a few years ago and I was delighted to finally be able to return the favor for her.

Krista was so calm and peaceful throughout the day yesterday and looked absolutely radiant. Just imagine how much fun it is to photograph your friend's wedding and be able to do pretty much whatever you want. Not only that, but the wedding was planned from a photographer's viewpoint--it was a dream!

We started off at Krista's hotel room at Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro.

LOVED that Krista wanted to jump on the bed in her dress. We had so much fun here.

Isn't she beautiful?

Clint's not too bad on the eyes either...  ;)

The details for the day were delicious! There was a photo booth set up with vintage frames and photo props when guests arrived for the ceremony at Oaklands. "The guest book" was their wedding invite design burned into a piece of wood. Guests could put their fingerprints on the tree and sign it. ♥

The day was perfect.

Krista and Clint are disgustingly cute together. Not only are they obviously crazy about each other, but they have the best time together. This is what love is supposed to look like.

This pretty much sums up the reception. More props for dancing and crazy fun. It was hilarious!

Krista and Clint, I am beyond happy for you both. Thank you for trusting me to capture your day. You two are so good together and I hope you always remember the love you have for each other right now. Have a fabulous time on your cruise!!

To view an extended preview of Krista and Clint's wedding, click here.

**Special thanks to:
Meredith Zeller with Bridal Blueprints who is the BEST wedding coordinator around. Can I work with you every weekend please?

 Alex Embry (and Leah)  for 2nd shooting. So glad we finally got to work together!

Jennifer Fritz with Dynamic Video--great to see you!

Paula Abernathy for running the photo booth (and battling the wind).

Caterer: Goodness Gracious
Makeup: Stephanie Russell
Hair: Hope Melancon
Wedding Cake: Alana (I don't have your last name!)
Florist: Glen McDaniel
DJ: Burton Entertainment


KarlaJean77 said...

wow! what a beautiful wedding! and you did a great job! I can't wait to actually see you work this kind of magic next week for Sylvia! :)

Clay & Emily said...

What a beautiful bride! Brooke, fabulous, as always!

Krista Lee said...
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Rachel Spence said...

Awesome!! Love them all. What a great sample from the day that portrays exactly how it was. SO much fun! Can't wait to see the rest.

Marjie Parsons said...

Awesome Brooke! These are such great photos and your notes gave me a lump in my throat. :) Thank you for sharing with us! You really captured the beauty of the day, of Krista and Clint's love and fun spirits too. What a great friend you are to Krista! She is going to LOVE her photos.
(and I love the one of Dean with the horns locking horns with another! Funny! :))
Great to see you at their wedding too. See you sooner rather than later hopefully. Take care! Marjie

Candy Howard said...

Wow, wow, wow. So many favorites. Krista looked AMAZING! Love all the details, just everything about it. All wonderfully captured. You guys are a great team!

p.o.s.h. said...

Finally got to go through all the pics - details AMAZING, Krista so beautiful, and happiness just oozing from these photos. What a fantastic wedding!!

Shel Austin said...

Those are the most amazing wedding photographs I've ever seen! The scenes are so artistic and full of story. Gorgeous.

Krista Lee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PHOTOS AND WE LOVE YOU for taking them!!!! Thank you thank you soooo much :) :) :)