Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sylvia & Alan are married!! (Pleasant View, TN Wedding Photographer)

Sylvia and I met many, many years ago when she booked a photo shoot with me. She had just moved to the area and I invited her to come out and see my friend's (now husband) band play. We continued to hang out every now and then and eventually became good friends. After going to school, she has also become one of my favorite stylists (check out!

I've seen Sylvia go through a series of relationships with some great guys and some complete douchebags (yep, I said it). It also became apparent that she had some commitment issues.  ;)   So, what makes yesterday even more special was the fact that weeks after meeting Alan she knew she was going to marry him. There's something you just know when it's the right person and everything falls into place.

The wedding was at Alan's parents home and it was supposed to rain.
Luckily, it didn't...

 Sylvia was so beautiful.

Not only were Sylvia and Alan getting married, but they were becoming a new family with Sylvia's "mini me" Emily. She was so proud to walk down the aisle and give away--I'm sorry, "share"--her Mommy with Alan. It was precious and Alan had written vows for both Sylvia and Emily. Many tears were shed.

The new family!

*Side note: The wood in the photo below is from the set of "Water for Elephants." Pretty cool.
(I've read the book--Benzini Brothers anyone?)

It was the hottest April 9 on record in Nashville, but you'd never know by looking at these two. So calm and tuned into each other.

Alan and Sylvia, you two are so good together. There's nothing better than two dorks who can completely be themselves around one other. I'm so excited that you have found the happiness you deserve so much. You're married!!  :)

**Special thanks:

*Mr. and Mrs. Smith for hosting
*Susan and Lauren Elliott for the flowers
*Stephen R. for being awesome

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