Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Little Miss Lydia

I could not believe how much Lydia has grown in the year since I've seen her! She was like a different child. She came in today for her 2 year photos and I fell in love with her all over again! She is going to be a big sister in December, so I am looking forward to seeing if she will have a brother or a sister... :)

It was great to see you Kellie--hope you love the preview!

Expecting Ella...

Kristin, Scott, and little Hayden came in today for a maternity/family shoot. They are expecting a baby girl in a few weeks and it was a huge compliment that they asked me to do their shoot since Scott is also a photographer. They knew exactly what shots they wanted, so it was a very easy session! At the end of the shoot, they painted Kristin's belly and it was so much fun.

Hope you love your preview! Let me know what you think. :)

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Fashionista

Sorry to those shoots that had to be cancelled recently. I found out this morning that Miss A has her very first ear infection. I appreciate all of your understanding and sorry I have had to reschedule so many of you!

I am so excited to get out the fall clothes...simply so I can dress up my daughter. (For some reason my son refuses to let me dress him anymore--sigh)

We took these the other day. :)

Cassidy returns

Sweet little Cassidy came back to the studio for her 6-month session. She was in a great mood and was showing off those stunning big blue eyes! I love the shot of her sitting up naked...she was peeing and that face looks like she was thinking "can I get some privacy please?" ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Morse Family

I had a fabulous time photographing the Morse family this afternoon. Their kiddos were some of the sweetest, most well-behaved little ones ever. We were done with their shoot in record time and they all turned out so great! I just love the shoe shot, and mom made the girls' cute skirts.

It was wonderful meeting you all. I hope you love your preview. :)

Miss Olivia

Olivia was working her model skills today for her 6-month photos shoot. We didn't get a single smile last time she was in the studio, but she brought that sweet grin today. She is sooooooo precious and I just love her more every time I see her!!

Here's her preview :)

Introducing Matt and Deanna Gooch...

Matt and Deanna win the award for most relaxed wedding day ever! These two (and their friends and family) were so easy-going and it made the day go so smooth. The forecast called for 100% chance of rain, but as soon as we were ready to start pictures the sky turned blue and the sun came out. It turned out to be a perfect day and you can really see how happy everyone was.

Congratulations Matt and Deanna! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome Elliott to the world!

This precious baby boy is 3 weeks old and was perfect during his first shoot today. Elliott didn't cry once and he kept posing for the camera like he knew what he was doing. It was adorable! He was too cute for words.

I enjoyed meeting you Bonnie. Hope you love these images of your perfect little man. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alex (9 months,really?!?)

Alex is one our first-year program and was back for his 4th shoot today. He is super baby! He's walking and saying a couple of words, and I can't believe how much he has learned since his last session. He even brought Grandma along to meet us today.

I could eat him up!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Cooper

John and Gabrielle are husband and wife! These two were so sweet together yesterday. I told Gabrielle (after I caught John staring at her for the 137th time) that he was just mesmerized with her and couldn't keep his eyes off of her. It was very obvious how much he adores her!

My favorite part of the evening had to be when they busted out at their reception with a dance that they choreographed themselves. It was a huge hit and I know they had a blast doing it.

Congratulations John and Gabrielle! :)