Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amari, 22 months: Nashville Child Photographer

 Amari is not even 2 years old yet and already talking up a storm. I don't know that I have some 3 year olds that can talk that well. This girl has the brains and to top it off is beautiful. I think Mom and Dad are going to have their hands full when she is older...

Jaxson, Jayden, & Ella: Nashville Child Photographer

What do you get when you have a 2, 3, and 4 year old at the studio? Complete and utter craziness. Jaxson, Jayden, and Ella had their first session with me today and I joked to their moms that I needed a nap after we were done. They wore me out! These kiddos were so much fun and I couldn't believe how many shots we actually got of the 3 of them together. Love the undies and boots image!  :)


Monday, August 29, 2011

Layla Jane, 8 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer {Middle TN Newborn Photographer}

Can I just take a moment and say that for a split second today I rethought my decision to be done having babies? Then my sanity returned.  ;) 

Layla Jane Lavender (how fabulous is that??) made me work for a few of these shots, but the results are sooooo worth it. I literally was oooohing and ahhhhing while picking out favorites to post. Love, love, love that dad brought in his turntable!

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, this girl is precious....

Lydia, 6 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lydia this morning. She had the biggest brown eyes that just melted me. She almost fell asleep half way through her session, but luckily she got a second wind so we could get some family shots. She looks so much older than 6 months!

Here are a few favorites...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kylie, 16 years: Nashville Headshot Photographer

Sometimes, it's just nice to dress up and have a photo shoot and that's just what Kylie did today. "Just because" is as good of an excuse as any, right? This was Kylie's first professional session and she rocked it. She is absolutely gorgeous and I know that Mom may freak out a little when she sees how grown up Kylie looks here.

It was great meeting you Kylie and Donna!

Courtney & JJ: Franklin, TN Engagement Photographer

Courney and Jonathan (or Jon...or JJ) are getting married next March! They wanted to do their engagement session on the square in Franklin. We had perfect weather and these two are so stinking sweet together.  They went to high school together, but only started dating about a year and a half ago.
Sometimes timing is everything...  :)

What is one word people would use to describe you as a couple?

What are your favorite "together" activities?
 Concerts, Sporting events, Friday nights with friends and family

Where was your first date? What did you do?
We went to dinner and then to the CMT awards at Bridgestone arena downtown

What makes him/her sexy to you?
Courtney's answer: His sense of humor and the way he is around my family 
Jonathan's answer: The way she looks and smiles at me, the way she treats other people.


What do you both do for a living?
 Courtney: Full time Nanny
 Jonathan: Assistant manager for a sporting goods store

How would you describe your style?
Courtney: Comfy-Cute, lots of cotton dresses and
Jonathan: Preppy, laid-back, lots of polos and v-necks with khaki shorts or jeans


Where did your proposal take place?
In front of Cinderellas castle in Magic Kingdom
(Courtneys parents flew down to be there for it and it was all a total surprise)

I hope you two love your sneak peek.
Looking forward to your wedding in March!  :)


Friday, August 26, 2011

Olivia, 3 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

I told Olivia's mom today that she looked like a baby doll. She has the prettiest skin and I seriously think I had a doll that looked just like her growing up. What a sweetheart!!

Ruby, 9 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Miss Ruby Jane was spunky today and showed off her moves! She loves when her parents sing to her and has the cutest little head-bobbing thing when she's dancing. She is such a cutie pie!!

Can you melt over these expressions or what??

Morgan, 9 months: Nashville Baby Photographer {Middle TN Baby Photographer}

Morgan and her fabulous parents had session #3 with me this afternoon. I am always cracking up with this family because as I told them, they aren't afraid to be goofballs to get their girl laughing. It makes such a huge difference when parents are a little crazy.  ;)