Friday, June 29, 2012

Noah, 1 year: Nashville Baby Photographer

I love Noah's curls. His hair has gotten so long over the last few months and I hope his parents decided to keep them a little bit longer! He did so great for his session today and I'm sad another baby has ended the first year package. I'm going to miss seeing him every 3 months!

Gabby, 6 years: Nashville Photographer

I can't believe that Gabby just celebrated her 6th birthday. I told her parents today that she is going to be so much trouble when she gets older. This girl (and her little sister) are just beautiful and have the sassy attitude to match. Good thing Daddy is a cop! Ha ha ha.

Loved see you guys as usual.  :)

Lee, 8 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

I haven't seen Lee since he was an itty bitty newborn! He is such a gorgeous baby and those eyes and lashes are enough to make any woman's ovaries ache. Even his sad face was melting me to pieces. I couldn't get enough of this little guy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wesley, 6 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer {Middle TN Newborn Photographer}

I got to document Ella from before she was born and I am so excited that I get to do the same for her baby brother. Wesley is absolutely adorable and did so good for his first shoot outside the womb this morning. The rest of the family were troopers as well (and I really hope you all are napping right about now).

Welcome to the world, Wesley! 
I can't wait to watch you grow...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Noah, 8 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

Noah was awake and as his Daddy said, "afraid he's going to miss something" when he arrived at the studio this morning. After awhile, he finally gave up and gave me the cutest little mews of protest during each setup. It took him exactly 2 seconds to get over me messing with him each time. What a beautiful baby boy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Callie, 4 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to learn that the Baskins had a baby GIRL on Friday! I know everyone in the family was dying to know what was inside that bump. Miss Callie is not a huge fan of people messing with her while she sleeps, but I managed to get a few poses out of her before she let me have it. And I told this family that the sibling shot is awesome.   ;)


Charlotte, 6 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Charlotte's whole family came in for her session today. She wasn't so sure about photos at first, but after she warmed up she hamming it up! She's not sitting up yet, but this girl going to be full on crawling in no time. She has better things to do than just sit around.  ;)

Emma, 3 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Emma was so good today for her session. She was in and out of her outfits like a champ, but then she was sleepy and zoned out. So happy I got to see her one more time before her family moves this weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Colton, 9 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

Colton put up a good fight when I tried to get him to sleep--which turned out to be great since he was wide awake and gave me that big smile! I bargained with him and said I only needed a 20 minute nap...and that's exactly what he gave me. Had to be quick with this little guy!

Great to see you, Susan. Congrats again!

Grant, 3 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Cutie pie Grant had his second session today and I fell in love with him again. He is so delicious and that mohawk kills me!