Friday, July 30, 2010

The Smith Family: Nashville Family Photographer

Clay, Andi, and Dylan came in for a 2 hour session today and wanted to do a variety of shots. They wanted some edgy family photos, some sexy couple shots, and of course some of Dylan showing of all by himself. We had a great time--even in the heat! It's not too shabby when you have people this pretty to photograph.  ;)

It was great meeting you all. I hope you love your preview!

(To view more favorites from this session, click here)

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Harper: Nashville Baby Photographer

I was super excited to see sweet Harper today for her 3 month session. She was giving me a "who are you lady?" kind of attitude for most of her shoot, but I also got some of the CUTEST smiles ever from her. She is such a cutie pie and I love her funny faces she makes--and also her mini mohawk. That last shot is of her in her Mommy's baby dress--so precious.

Great to see you Danya and Joe!

Parnell Family: Nashville Family Photographer

Remember Evan's shoot last month? Well, his Mom brought his brother and sisters back today for another session. Gavin and Madeline will be 2 in a couple of weeks and it was time for them to get some new photos (with a few shots of big sis Kayla and Mom thrown in). We were working hard trying to get everyone's attention and keep all the babies happy--and we even managed a few shots where everyone was looking (somewhat) in the same direction. I gotta say that the last shot was probably my favorite of the day...ha ha.

Enjoy! :)

I love their expressions combined with those shirts.  ;)

*Special thanks to Paula for helping out with this shoot!

Caroline: Nashville Newborn Photographer

Caroline was a perfect newborn model this morning. She was so sound asleep and let me put her in all kinds of crazy positions--including stuffing her into a pot that her mom and dad got as a wedding gift. Can you believe all the hair on this little one?!? It makes her look at least a month old...  ;)

It was great meeting this little angel and her Mommy (and grandmother too)! I look forward to watching her grow over the next year...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Loves: Nashville Child Photographer

 I was driving home after my shoots today and the sky was crazy blue with huge, white puffy clouds. It was so beautiful that it almost looked fake. I immediately told Ian that when we picked up Averie that we were hiking up this huge hill to do a quick shoot of the two of them. He threw me the evil eye... "Mommy, it's TOO HOT."

Ian hates life when I make him climb a hill holding a light stand in 95 degree heat. Child labor? Nah...

Between death looks from him and crying bouts from Averie, most of my images look like this:

 However, I am persistent. I managed to capture what looks like them being sweet to one another between the "Why are you making us do this?" shots.

 I love my children. Someday they won't mind me doing this to them (right?!).

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Jayce: Nashville Baby Photographer

I haven't seen Jayce since he was 6 months old and he just celebrated turning ONE! It's crazy how fast time goes when you have little ones...I feel like I just met him a few weeks ago when he was barely rolling over. Today he was dancing and running around everywhere and gave us all a workout trying to keep up. I loved his new hair style and Mom was prepared with balloons, cake, and decorations. Jayce smashed right into his cake--it was soooo stinking cute.

Happy Birthday Little Man!  :)

Rylan: Nashville Baby Photographer

Little Rylan is already 3 months old and was ready for his second photo shoot this morning! He was a superstar again and gave us tons of expressions before he decided he was starving and had to take a feeding break. He was so funny when we tried to put him in the tea cup (he was the first newborn to ever use it) and was not as big of a fan of it this go 'round. We also went outside to get a gorgeous family shot!

See you guys again soon.   :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Klein Family: Nashville Baby Photographer

The Klein Family was back today for Luke's (or now as he is known "Bo") 9 month session and Miss Grace's 2 year photos. This family is just beautiful and so sweet to boot! Luke was a cheese machine with all those sweet smiles, and after a little bribery Grace even let me take a couple shots of her as well. They braved a walk down the street for a few outside shots in this nasty heat, but it was well worth it!

Here's a few faves...  :)

Owen, 6 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Owen is doing our Baby's First Year package and had his 3rd session with me today. This is the first time I actually got smiles from him and I was sooooo excited! He was the a GREAT mood and was sporting a new do with that cute faux-hawk. He was also happy to show off some new accessories with that grin--a couple of teeth! However, I am kind of glad that he broke down at the end of the shoot because I just l-o-v-e his sad face. I think we have to get at least one during all of his sessions!  :)

Great seeing you April and Evan!