Monday, December 31, 2012

The Howards

Another post I didn't get to blog before Christmas cards were sent out! My sister and her boys came in for Thanksgiving and that meant we had to convince the guys to do a photo shoot. They are such good sports for me, but I hear they give Candy a hard time when she tries to photograph them. ;)

Aren't they gorgeous???

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bettina & David got married...and I brought my camera

My beautiful cousin got married to the love of her life yesterday! I was not their photographer, but both of my kiddos were supposed to be in her wedding. Unfortunately, Ian got struck with the flu.  :(
So, Averie and I left the boys at home and spent the weekend in Knoxville with my family.

I wasn't originally going to take my camera, but I knew with Averie being a flower girl I would be kicking myself the whole weekend if I didn't. I was right. She had been so excited and couldn't wait to be in a real wedding!! I took tons of shots of her {without getting in the way of the real photographer--I'm not that obnoxious} and of course ended up shooting way more than I had planned. It was an absolutely stunning winter wonderland wedding...I couldn't help myself!

My girl was eyeing these

Bettina's daughters watching their Mommy get ready...

Bettina with her girls. They are all all just gorgeous.

My little flower girl....

My sweet nephew stepped in for Ian at the last minute. :)

Maddie brought a guitar to David as she came down the aisle.

She did so great and was super excited! 
{She also had gas during the ceremony which made the bridal party giggle...don't think the bride and groom heard.  Ha ha}

David had a ceremony with Maddie before Bettina came down the aisle. It was the sweetest, most precious thing I had ever heard. Pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye...

 David sang as Bettina came down the aisle. It's a little obvious how much they love each other...

Love this image.

I love this family.