Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will, 7 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

I have been extremely excited to meet the newest member of the Trombley family. Will was in a hurry to enter the world--he came a few weeks early and mom had a super fast (5 hour!!) labor. That's just not fair. After peeing and pooping a couple of times, Will was ready to roll with his session. He looks so much like big sister Emma and I can't wait to watch him grow.

Congratulations again Kami and Joe!! Hope you got a great nap.  :)

Grayson, 6 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Grayson came in for the first time this morning and is making his blog debut! This little man has the biggest, brightest blue eyes ever and the longest lashes. So jealous! He is getting some new teeth and poor thing just wanted to chew on his hands the whole time, but I just loved the way it looked with that adorable monkey hat mom brought in. I think he has a future job in modeling... ;)

Jameson & Norah, 6 months: Nashville Twin Photographer

Jameson and Norah had their 2nd session with me and have doubled in size since their newborn photos 3 months ago. They are still so tiny (at 10lbs. each), but huge compared to their preemie birth weights. They were both super troopers this morning and gave me the sweetest grins! It's hard to believe they are already 6 months old! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Judd, 3 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Today, I fell in love with Judd. I always tell parents that 3 month shoots tend to be the most difficult...Judd was here to prove me wrong. He was the best little model this afternoon and I want to steal him and bring him home. I loved mom and dad's style and I'm excited to see them again in 3 months.

Brace yourselves for the cuteness ahead.

Bailey, 6 months:Nashville Baby Photographer

Today marked Bailey's half-way point through our Baby's First Year. Mom said she was kind of sitting up, but as you can see--that's all you need for these sweet shots. We got to enjoy being outside for a bit and we even managed to get (several!) shots where both kiddos were happy. Mission accomplished!

Great seeing you all!

Vance, 6 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Vance wins the "Happiest Baby of 2011 (so far)" award. All I had to do was look at him and he would give me the biggest, gummy smile ever. I seriously think he smiled for almost the whole session. This is the first time I have photographed this cutie-pie and if he is always this easy, I will be happy to keep a monthly spot open for him.  ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Harper, 12 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

Little (ok, not so little...9lbs.) Harper has arrived! She may be the record holder for most alert newborn ever. It was crazy how much she was looking around and lifting her head while on her tummy. I told her mom that I have had 3 month olds come in that can't lift their head that well. Harper did not go to sleep at all during her session--not one shot with those eyes closed. Of course, we still got super cute images.


Big sister Avery did NOT want to take a picture with Harper. You have no idea how hard we had to work to get her to lay next to the baby.  ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cyra & Zaya: Nashville Photographer

I met Deena during a casting call she answered a few months ago when Zaya was first born, and I was super excited when she booked a session for her whole family. I had the most difficult time choosing which photos to post for their shoot. There are literally so many gorgeous ones and these barely skim the surface. I already knew Deena and Zaya were stunning, but Cyra and Joseph were just as great at modeling.  ;)

Hope you love the sneak peek!

Owen, 1 year: Nashville Baby Photographer

Oh, baby Owen spent part of his very first birthday with me this morning. He got his 1st haircut yesterday and mom told me she cried...twice. I know he was also having a birthday party today, so it has been an exciting day! I loved the way he was crinkling his nose at me and he looks so grown up with his new do.

April and Evan--thank you for letting me document Owen's first year. I miss seeing you guys already!

Happy Birthday, little man. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shae: Nashville Maternity Photographer

Shae is due with a baby girl in a couple of weeks and she completely rocked out her maternity shoot this morning. She knows that she is sexy and wasn't afraid to pull out all the stops for her photos. I think every woman hopes to look as good as she does when they are so close to delivery. We had so much fun and her energy was contagious.

It was so great meeting you, Shae!