Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kansas May, 18 months: Murfreesboro, TN Photographer

The ever-adorable Kansas May is 18 months old and we decided to go to her dance studio to grab a few shots in her tutu. Really?!? She was having so much fun playing that it didn't bother her at all this time that I was snapping away. We also let her run around outside--which she loved--and then ended the session with her playing rock star in front of her Daddy's equipment (love the attitude in that shot).

Loved hanging out with you guys this morning, Cindy! Hope K-May is getting a great nap.  :)


Phoebe said...

Awww!!! She's getting so big! Love these shots!

p.o.s.h. said...

These are awesome!! Cannot believe how big she is and taking dance? m.e.l.t. m.e. :)