Friday, August 31, 2012

Paisley, 1 year: Nashville Baby Photographer

It's really hard to believe Paisley is already a year old. I got to photograph this baby girl from her very first breath and I know that her family has been through a lot since then. I am honored to have been able to document the last 12 months for her (and her awesome mama)! Paisley was cheesing it up during the shoot--until the cake smash. Poor girl was not a fan and I think ready to fall asleep...but I have to say I love those shots anyway!

Happy Birthday, Paisley!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Phoenix Rainne, 5 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer {Middle TN Newborn Photographer}

It's a good thing Phoenix is so cute, because he was a tough cookie today! This little man was not a fan of me messing with him and he let me have it several times throughout his session. Luckily, his parents were awesome and all of that patience paid off in the end. I love all of the personal items they brought in and I loved giving Phoenix lots of snuggles.

So great to meet you Amanda and Ben!

Phoenix's great-grandfather made this for him--what a keepsake!!

Dad's a drummer,  Mom's a nurse. 

AJ, 1 year: Nashville Baby Photographer

I have to say that AJ looked more like a little boy and less like a baby today (sorry, April). He is such a ham and did wonderful as usual. He was loving his smash cake and his mom and I were laughing at him throwing it all around--so funny!

Happy Birthday, sweet AJ!!

Reese, 9 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Reese was in a very serious mood today. She was not giving up the smiles easily and I have to say that was fine with me. Her serious expressions are gorgeous and that shot in her Halloween costume?? My favorite of the session. 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Caroline, 2 years: Smyrna, TN Photographer

Somehow, my cousin's precious little lady will be turning 2 in a few weeks. Caroline looks exactly like her Mommy when she was little--it's crazy! I absolutely loved spending some time with them yesterday and had to tell Caroline we were looking for bunnies to get her in the grass for some of these. She is so funny and way too busy to let mom and dad hold her for photos. All she wanted to do was run around and play outside (duh)!!

Here are some of my favorites...

After we were done shooting and saying goodbye, Caroline took a nasty fall climbing into their van. This poor girl has had issues with passing out with falls, but luckily she didn't yesterday. Her little face took a hard hit on the pavement and we all had a scare, but thankfully she is doing ok. Her Mommy sent me this photo this morning:

Send her some extra love!!!

Love you Linds. Great seeing you Chris, Billie, & Gary!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Kelen, 3 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

I adored taking photos of Toben's first year and I'm not gonna lie--I was super bummed when Elayne contacted me to photograph their second child's newborn photos and I was already over-booked. However, I got to meet little Kelen today and I about died over this chunky cute boy! He was soooo sleepy during the shoot, but we got a tiny sliver of a good mood at the end.

 Loved seeing you all!!!

Harper & Stella, 2 years: Nashville Photographer

Harper and Stella did so great for their 2 year photos today! These gals are a riot and they were loving the trains that kept going by the studio. They were being so sweet with each other and even managed some hand-holding, hugs and kisses. 

Great to see you Emily & Randall!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Callie, 7 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer {Middle TN Newborn Photographer}

Miss Callie Rae knows what she likes already--and it's not people messing with her arms while she is sleeping! This girl may be one of the strongest newborns I have ever seen and could lift her head better than some 3 month-olds I photograph (she kept busting out of her poses and you have no idea what it took to get that scale shot). 

Ben and Brittanie--she's gonna be trouble I tell ya!!  ;)
Great meeting your sweet family!

Callie's hair = awesome

Keegan: 2 years: Nashville Photographer

Keegan has been adorable since his newborn session, but today he was seriously cracking me up. This kid was born to be in front of the camera. The attitude he was throwing and the faces he made were hysterical and completely awesome. I always love seeing him and his parents.