Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Bun Announcement: Nashville Maternity Photographer

I know many of you loved following Candace's pregnancy and birth with The Snozberry Diaries and
now that it is public knowledge, I am beyond excited to share that one of my other best friends is expecting her first baby!!!

We will be documenting Jess's week to week progress as her bun grows (a little differently than Candace's).  Jess and Steve are seriously the most genuine, adorable, cheesy, and loving couples that ever existed. I am so, so, so, so thrilled for them as they have been waiting for this baby for a long time. 

Jess and Steve sent out these super cute postcards to their family and friends to tell them the news.

I told you they were a cute couple (and cheesy). Ha ha ha.

Jess and Steve--you're having a baby!!!!! I love GJ...or Panera...or whatever we call this little bun. 

A few more of their announcement session:

Love you three!!


Follow Jess's week-to-week blog here:
The Bun Letters


Stacy P. said...

I'll be keeping up with this family like I did your other family. Pictures are too adorable already. Congrats to this family on their wonderful news.

Nicole Elliott said...

Yahoooo, so great to see this whole session :)

Unknown said...

So excited and can't wait for Harrison to have a BF :o)

Love you guys so much!

Candy Howard said...

OMG, sooooooooo cute!! Love it!

Jen Huddleston said...

Holy CRAP!!!!! This is such wonderful news! AWWW.... Hmph. So much love, crossing so many miles...