Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jen & Ryan: Nashville Engagement Photographer

It's late and I'm tired.
However, I had SO MUCH FUN with these two tonight. I will be shooting Jen and Ryan's wedding in August and now I am super excited about it. They are rock stars and I love them.

It was very hard to pick favorites as you can see, but here's a good summary of our evening together...

What is one word people would use to describe you as a couple?

 Jen: fun-loving

 Ryan: Goofy!

How would you describe your style?

Ryan: Playful, musical

Jen: pretty classic but with a flair for theatrics and drama, love to be different and do my own thing.

What makes him/her sexy to you?

Ryan: Her gorgeous face, smile, hair, sense of humor, kindness

Jen: His beautiful slate green eyes, his knowledge of music and how we share that communication, his rhythm and ability to dance, when he sings to me, when he makes me laugh so hard i tear up, his comforting embrace, when he and I are so similar we come up with the same idea for food, or where to go next, or what to watch, etc... sometimes i think he reads my mind.

What is something crazy you have done together?

Ryan: We are skydiving together on our honeymoon, went to Bonnaroo together

Jen: Not that crazy but waited outside the John Mayer/Keith Urban CMT taping and got in at the last minute, kayaked 11 miles, and yes, Bonaroo was probably the craziest thing I'll never do again... hahaha.

Where did your proposal take place?

 Ryan: During a Grace Potter and the Nocturnals concert at Exit/In in
 Nashville. Grace invited me up on stage to propose between songs.

 Jen: His dad taped it and I edited it. It was
 amazing. He called Grace's tour manager and asked if he could propose
while his family was in town and we were all going to this concert. I was
completely shocked. It was wonderful!
(You can view video of their adorable proposal here)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ella, 4 days old: Nashville Baby Photographer

 Miss Ella came into the world 3 weeks early and weighed 7 pounds. She was fighting sleep with all she had today, but after a couple hours of snuggling, several feedings, and soiling a few blankets she was ready to cooperate. Big sister Zoe was her usual sweet little self and so patient throughout the session. I love the baby bed that the girls' grandfather made. So cute!!

Congrats again Mark and Leslie. It was so good to see your family!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Maddox, 9 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

For some reason I went into this session thinking it was Maddox's 1 year, but I am ahead of myself! Little man is 9 months old and crawling around like a pro. He flashed some of his famous grins and the rest of the family was gorgeous as usual. I'm not sure I can get a bad photo of this gang.

Always great to see you guys! 

Kansas is 2: Nashville Child Photographer

Kansas May had me, Mom, and Dad pulling out all the stops at her shoot this morning. She is not a fan of photo shoots and it took everything we had to not only get her attention, but to get her attention and make her happy at the same time. Ha ha. You'd never know it by these photos, but we worked hard. She is so pretty and I'm so excited that she has her Mommy's curly hair. Love this kid.

Happy Birthday K-May!!!

The Finks: Nashville Photographer

A friend of The Finks bought them a session with me as a gift and they finally got to redeem it today. Their newest addition is 3 months old was not fond of me at first. We started off with the pouty lip (you know that's a favorite of mine) but most parents want smiles. After a bit of warming up, both boys were full of grins and we got some super cute stuff.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Richie (Jerry) & Fiona: Murfreesboro, TN Wedding Photographer

I was so glad that yesterday's storms cleared up and turned into gorgeous blue sky for Richie and Fiona's outdoor wedding. These two are absolutely precious together. They were so giddy all day and Fiona has the best giggle that is sure to make anyone around her love her. They wanted fun photos to showcase their awesome sense of humor, but I have to say the way couldn't stop laughing together completely made the images. All I had to do was stand back and let them be themselves--talk about fun!

They found these props in my car...hilarious! 

The newlyweds with their parents.

These two get to do this all over again next Germany! That is where Fiona is from and to celebrate their first year of marriage they will have a 2nd ceremony where all of her family can be present. How fantastic is that??
(And I really think they need to take me with them...hint, hint)

Richie and Fiona, you two make a perfect pair. Your adoration for each other is obvious and I know you will have an amazing life together. Thank you so much for letting me capture your wedding day. I hope you love your preview. Congratulations!