Monday, June 6, 2011

Ian & Averie...freckles

Because sometimes I can't help myself...
(like today)

Yep...that's a freckle by her eye. She has several, but my favorite is on her big toe.

 Ian's are in full bloom. We used to name them as they popped up.

Good grief,  I ♥ them.

If only they were as sweet as they look...  ;)


Kate (McAnally) Andrews said...

I have a soft spot for freckles, as I am a redhead and never had any until I had sun damage :( I was supposed to have them!!

Clint has freckles and I love them and Maggie has little sprinkles of them, but more like sweet Averie's! I LOVE Ian's freckles!

Your kids ARE gorgeous!!

Nicole Elliott said...

I love them and their freckles!!!!!! (and I love you of course too!)

Mom the baker said...

How in the heck did you get her to sit still long enough to paint her toenails?

Mom the baker said...

hmmmmm....this is Cindy....No Freakin' Clue why is showed up as mom the baker.

Phoebe said...

She so has your toes!!!