Sunday, July 25, 2010

Owen, 6 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

Owen is doing our Baby's First Year package and had his 3rd session with me today. This is the first time I actually got smiles from him and I was sooooo excited! He was the a GREAT mood and was sporting a new do with that cute faux-hawk. He was also happy to show off some new accessories with that grin--a couple of teeth! However, I am kind of glad that he broke down at the end of the shoot because I just l-o-v-e his sad face. I think we have to get at least one during all of his sessions!  :)

Great seeing you April and Evan!


Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a little. You are so talented.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, that sad face is just too precious!!!!!!!! What a cutie!

p.o.s.h. said...

He is a so stinking cute!! Love the sad face :)