Friday, July 2, 2010

The Vickers Family: Nashville Child Photographer

The Vickers came in for their first (ever-- from anyone!) family shoot today and I am so happy that I got the honor to do it for them. Their boys are so well behaved and were all sweethearts.  I love the way their photos turned out and really hope they do too.

It was great meeting you all!  :)


Cari said...

I love this family! The pictures are amazing! They have the cutest boys!
Cari Kent :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the pics last night and wanted to tell you how AMAZING your work is!!!!!! You captured something for me that is priceless! I've always loathed the thought of getting pics of me (body image issue), but I love the pics of all of us together!! The way you captured the boys was how I see their sweet faces every day!!! Thank you for what you do! You truly have a gift.