Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kirk and Sarah Ham

It was a cold and cloudy day at Nashville Shores yesterday, but the rain stayed away and the day went perfectly! Kirk and Sarah have been together for 5 years and are finally married. I loved the fall colors and decor for this wedding... (click to enlarge)

The bridesmaids flagged down the driver of this 1954 Packard for some photos.

You can see how happy they are. :)

Kirk tried to dip Sarah into a kiss and caught her off guard. It was too funny!

Check out those fabulous shoes!

The bridal party...

First dances...the groom and his mother had the crowd going crazy. I just love the shot of the bride's father staring adoringly at her.

Congratulations Sarah and Kirk! I hope you love your preview. :)

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Candy Howard said...

Love that bridal party shot, and the groom and his mom crack me up!