Sunday, September 25, 2011

Josh & Autumn: Nashville Wedding Photographer {Aerial Wedding Photographer}

When I arrived at the wrong hotel yesterday to start photographing Autumn getting ready for her big day, I was really hoping that wasn't a sign of the day to come. Luckily, I am notorious for being early on wedding days and had plenty of time to get the the other Hilton on Broadway (for the record--there are 2).   :)

When I got to the right room, Autumn looked absolutely breath taking...and she wasn't even dressed yet! After we did some quick getting ready photos, it was time to see her groom for the first time. Autumn and Josh decided to do a first look before the ceremony and later told me that they were SO glad they did because their nerves immediately disappeared and they just got to spend the rest of their wedding day together and have fabulous time. LOVE that!!

Thankfully, these two and their wedding party ended up being so much fun and easy going. I seriously had the best time with all of them since they were so laid back. Even when the outdoor ceremony got delayed 30 minutes because of rain, they were calm, cool, and collected. It was wonderful to witness two people that knew what the day was really about...each other.


Autumn and Josh--you two are great together. I hope your wedding photos are everything you wished for. Years from now when you are looking back on them, try to remember the day as vividly as you do now. Remember how much you love you each other.

Have a wonderful honeymoon!!  ♥


Nicole Elliott said...

How pretty...gorgeous wedding! I was drawn to the first night shot with the couple against the brick wall - the one with their shadows behind them...really cool.

Anonymous said...

Josh and I can't get over how amazing you are and how beautiful our pictures turned out! Thank you for making our day even that much more special you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!