Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kennedy, 3 months: Nashville Baby Photographer

It's official, Nicole is moving to California next week. I am sad she is leaving and I already told her she needs to be my intern forever. For some reason, she is still moving???  ;)

We had to squeeze in Miss Kennedy's 3 month session before they move. I had to wake this poor girl up to start the shoot and she was all smiles for a bit, but we had to work for it. She is such a beautiful, sweet baby and I hope she comes to visit me often (hint, hint).

Makeup by the always fabulous Sylvia with Seriously Foxy.


Sylvia said...

I <3 ALL OF THEM!! Fabulous! Just fabulous!!

Shannon Nelson Photography said...

Yeeeaaaa Brooke ! Thanks so much ! Love them....DUH ! Can't wait to see the rest ! So wish I could stay to learn from the Master. But we will be back for more pics.....sans my baby fat :-) In the meantime I will be training KG for her next session with you.

Jen Huddleston said...

Awwww... Such sweet images of sweet people. And such talent. Geez.

Susannah Wood said...


Phoebe said...

The shot is the car is super hot! The make up is gorgeous! Sylvia is really good!!!
Sorry she's leaving, you need a new intern now!