Monday, November 21, 2011

Gavyn, 2 years: Nashville Child Photographer

I want to eat Gavyn. She is seriously cute and will soon be turning 2! She was having a blast with her balloons today cracking us all up. Love her!


Nicole Elliott said...

Of course you know that I'm in LOVE with this shoot. She is such a cutie ham...and those pigtails get me EVERY TIME!!!
So happy you are in my life and get to capture these moments of my fam too :)

And Happy Birthday (tomorrow!!) Gav-a-roo! I can't believe you are gonna be two!

Unknown said...

Absolutely amazed with how big my girl is now! And of course, amazed by how well you photograph her! Thank you SO much!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!!!! Love the personality :)

Unknown said...


She is soooo freaking adorable and ...and this shoot captured her sweet personality perfectly.

Happy Birthday Gavyn!