Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jeff and Katie: Nashville Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was the first time I met Katie and Jeff--everything was booked over the phone and through email. I never know what to expect when I show up to a wedding like this since I haven't been able to get a "feel" for the couple. The venue where they had originally planned to get married was damaged by the flood, and they almost post-poned their day. However, at the last minute they decided to use Katie's parent's house and go on with the wedding anyway.

This couple and their bridal party ended up being a HOOT! I had so much fun with them and they were willing to do pretty much anything I asked. I love when people just go with the flow and trust my vision. I fell in love with this little country market down the street from the venue, and when I asked the bride if she was willing to do photos their she told me her family owned it. How awesome is that??

Congratulations Katie and Jeff--hope you adore your preview!!
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