Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Isaac, 12 days: Nashville Newborn Photographer

Isaac made his studio debut today at 12 days old...and over 9 whopping pounds! I'm still not quite sure how Angela birthed this baby and is already back into her skinny jeans (it's ok to hate her...I kinda do).   ;)   Isaac was so milk drunk that he passed out and didn't so much as whimper during his session...until Dad decided he wanted some shots with his eyes open and proceeded to do everything in his power to wake him up. Ha ha.

It was so good to meet you Angela and Chuck. Isaac was the perfect baby model today!


p.o.s.h. said...

So sweet...I wish I could sleep like that.

Nicole Elliott said...

agreed - he looked so comfy in every photo!

Sydney Hester said...

I love your pictures of the family! Congratulations.