Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Averie's Valentines: Love Hurts

I was trying to be a crafty mom (in real life I'm not) and get a shoot done today so I could make A's valentines for her school party. The light outside this afternoon was gorgeous, so I put 3 layers of clothes on Miss Thing and went to a spot I've been wanting to shoot near my house. My husband was laughing at me telling me the wind was too cold, but I only needed 5 minutes. As soon as I took Averie's coat off, this is what happened...

Yep, I win the mother of the year award.

 This shoot lasted a total of 1.37 minutes before she told me "Mooooommmy, it's too cooollllldd!!"

Back in the warm car we went where my husband was laughing hysterically. I get Averie hooked in her car seat and she asks if we can go get a milkshake. Really??

So, after feeling horrible about putting her in the cold--yes, she got a milkshake. Then I snapped some shots in our living room when we got home. The light wasn't as pretty, but she was warm and happy.

Sweet success.

We'll try that location again another day...  ;)


Nicole Elliott said...

Hahaha, oh the toils of being a photographer's daughter...at least she got a milkshake out of the deal. And just like you always do, you made a tough situation into a beautiful one.
That's what Valentines Day is about....XOXO

Unknown said...

Awwww....she's had a tough week!

The end result was adorable though :)

Ann-Marie Sutherland said...

Still such a sweet little picture!!! :)

Phoebe said...

Success indeed! So in love with that shot!

Monika said...