Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jeremy & Dana: Nashville/Murfreesboro Engagement Photographer

I spent the afternoon with Dana and Jeremy and I can safely say that I am pretty excited about their April wedding! I had photographed their little girl, Zoe, awhile back, but today was all about these two lovebirds. I felt like I was just hanging out with friends and that always makes for a great shoot.

We started out at their wedding venue and went with a sexy vibe, then ended outside for a little more relaxed and fun look...

What is one word people would use to describe you as a couple?
Crazy has been used numerous times!

Back story: Originally from Boston, I was in Nashville for business. My co-worker and I went out for dinner/drinks (BB kings) after a long day and Jeremy was our waiter. We exchanged numbers and randomly texted back and forth for weeks. Texts turned into LONG phone calls and before long a plane ticket was booked for me to come visit. Jeremy has a little girl, Zoe, who was 3 months old at the time we met. Everyone thought we were insane. Who's laughing now?

Where was your first date? What did you do?
Our first date lasted an entire weekend, beginning at the airport when he picked me up :)

What are your favorite "together" activities?
They say you know you truly love someone when you want to do boring  things with them (ha!).
We are on a mission to try EVERY Zagat rated restaurant in Nashville, sippin' some fancy beer or a good (strong) cup of coffee. Boring? I think not!

Where did your proposal take place?
At the airport. We love it there, can you tell?
After spending Christmas apart, Jeremy offered to pick me up from the airport so I didn't have to take a cab home. Such a gentleman, huh? I planned on meeting him outside to make things easier and hurried off the plane to beat the crowds. As I was running through the waiting area I caught him out of the corner of my eye. The first words out of my mouth were, "wow, you look so happy to see me!" as he stood there like a deer in headlights. The next few minutes were a blur. He was down on one knee, there was a ring and I said yes!

What makes him/her sexy to you?
Dana: Where to begin? I love all of him. At the top of my list would have to be the kind of father he is, never get in the way of a daddy and his little girl. Oh, and his ODD sense of humor that only a wife-to-be could love.

Jeremy: I love everything about her. Through our relationship (due to the distance and circumstances) we have developed the ability to communicate in the toughest of times, something that most couples spend years working on. One thing though that no phone call or email can convey is what I feel every time I look at her and once I'm trapped in her eye, I'm hers. I love the way she looks at me with those beautiful eyes. Her smile makes me happy even on the worst of days and we share a certain sense of humor that no one else in the world would understand.

What is something crazy you have done together?

What do you both do for a living?
Dana: Clinical Drug Research
Jeremy: Master Luthier

How would you describe your style?
I wish I had some awesome sounding answer, but since we are being honest here...jeans, t-shirt and a beat up pair of toms. If Jeremy is lucky I remember to brush my hair. Nice things and a 2.5 year old don't mix :)

I hope you love your preview, Jeremy and Dana!!


*Thanks to Sylvia for another fab makeup job!

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