Monday, August 2, 2010

Amanda: Nashville Maternity Pinup Photographer

*I am officially on vacation until Monday, August 9. No blogs until then! If you contact me to set up an appointment, I will get back to you then.*


When Amanda got in touch with me to schedule her maternity session I was super excited because she also wanted it to be pinup style. I had so many ideas for her shoot and couldn't wait to let my creative juices flow. While she was getting her hair and makeup done by our awesome stylist Kelly (who ROCKED as usual), she and her hubby kept saying they wish they had brought their dog. So, I sent him home to get the dog and some baby clothes while I ran to Walgreens to get some clothespins and a clothesline. I love the way her shoot turned out and I think she may just be the sexiest pregnant woman ever (and by her hubby's reaction during the session, I think he would agree)!

It was great meeting you Amanda and Matt. Hope you love them--good luck with your delivery!

(click to enlarge)


Amanda said...

O my goodness Brooke! Thank you so much! They look awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Candy Howard said...

Speaking of rocking,you rocked this! Gorgeous!

matthew said...

Ya that's my baby momma. Thanks Brooke

p.o.s.h. said...

These are them!!

Krista Lee said...

Very cute! Love them! Have a great trip :)

Rachel Spence said...

OK. These are AWESOME!! Love them. Cute clothesline idea. :)