Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Playing catch-up and a GIVEAWAY :)

Contest is CLOSED.

And the winner is....

"I love contests the mean I get free Christmas Cards. I am in.

Robert Burnham

Congratulations Robert!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways soon guys.  :)

As many of you know, things have been beyond crazy around here.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful clients that pass my name along to everyone they know (and maybe get referral coupons in the mail for doing so--ha).  Not only am I smack in the middle of crazy holiday season and wrapping wedding season up, but I took on a book project. What was I thinking? Yeah, no idea.

Well, I teamed up with the awesomely talented Tricia Drake (visit her store here) to shoot images for her upcoming book "Welcoming Home Baby: The Handcrafted Way".  Tric makes the most ADORABLE hats, blankets, and baby wraps and this book gives you step-by-step instructions on how to knit them. They are just awesome (and I now have a great new collection to use on your babies)!  We've been working our tails off trying to get everything finished and we are FINALLY done. Whoo hoo! The book will be out in March and I know we are both very excited about it.

SO...in celebration of completing this huge project and to show my appreciation for how patient you all have been while I have fallen behind on getting your images to you--it's GIVEAWAY time!!

This is for current clients only:

Leave a comment on THIS blog post with your name and email address

I will randomly choose one winner on Friday, November 5 to win one set (25) of custom designed Christmas cards with the photos of your choice. Of course, they must be photos that I have taken.   ;)

AND I will throw in a 16 x 20 print of your favorite image to hang somewhere in your house--or give as a gift.

You guys are so wonderful. Thanks for letting me do what I love every day.


And here is a Halloween shot of my family, because I can't post without a picture.
(That's an ewok, a vampire, and a couple of dorks)

Now get to commenting--you will have the most fantastic card ever and show everyone up. Well, except for me.
Ba ha ha ha.


Alissa K. said...

Alissa Krasinski
Guess I'm the first....:0)

Amy Sullivan said...

Woohoo! I totally want to show up everyone with an amazing Christmas card! Sending good luck vibes with this post. Amy Sullivan cottenamy@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you next week!
Ann-Marie Sutherland

Anonymous said...

I always love your Christmas cards! Hope I get one!
Julie Hudgens

kristy said...

I need Christmas cards!
Kristy Rowe

Amanda said...

Does it count if we are getting pictures taken on the 14th of December?!? We can't wait. Amanda pitts littleshorti04@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Yay-Christmas cards! I can't believe we're already talking about Christmas!
Kristine Sherman

Anonymous said...

So excited!!!
Katherine Miller

Nichole said...

Yay! I love some giveaways! Annnd Friday the 5th is my wedding anniversary! Pick me, Pick me;)

Anonymous said...

I want SUPER cool Christmas cards too and I love giveaways!! :)

Jennifer Butler

Chris said...

I would LOVE a shot at this!!!

Christina Clark


Anonymous said...

Your work is AMAZING!!! Everybody loved my birth announcements, hope I can send them some Christmas cards of your work too!!!
Brittany Holt

Kami said...

Of COURSE I want to win...we love you!! :) And when Emma sees herself in a picture you've taken she always says: "Broke, Broke!" (not Brooke) hehe.

Kami Trombley

Chandra said...

Pick us!!!! LOL! We love your work!

Chandra Porter

Anne said...

Anne McGraw
anne.mcgraw "at" gmail.com

Is there a contest for clients who have referred the most people to you?? me me me! :)

chesley said...

every time i tell claire we're going out to take pictures, she asks if we can go to Mrs. Brooke's! is it bad that she'd rather have you than me?! i would love to have some cards :)!!

Crystal said...

Custom Christmas cards sound great!!!


Anonymous said...

Just make it easy and pick us!!!!!! We are coming Friday for Wyatt's one year.. Can't believe its Christmas and that he is one..

Dana Stryjewski

twinmom+2 said...

Pick me...pick me!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! ooh! me!
Natalie Lucas

lirpa said...

Because I'm Awesome April and you're Bangin' Brooke :)

April Baird

Britttney said...

Pick me!!! I never win anything!!!
Brittney frost

Chelsea said...

Chelsea, Derek, and Kinsley Cates
We would love your christmas cards!!:) pick us!

Unknown said...

hey brookealicious!

Stephen and Caroline Burris

Nick, Kathryn, and Caden said...

Ohh I love giveaways!
Kathryn Woodard

Erica Haynes said...

We would LOVE some christmas cards to send out of our new baby girl, Kaylee! Can't wait for her 3 month pics in a few weeks!

Erica Haynes


p.o.s.h. said...

I just wanna say I miss you...and you can rock a fro ;)

Anonymous said...

You NEED to pick us because i have the most precious kiddos ever!! AND i send out tons of christmas cards so lots of people would see your amazing work ;) We love you brooke!!

Lindsay Race

Anonymous said...

I'm the biggest Brooke Kelly fan and she's seen me in 2 different lights! You rock, girl!

Casey Rapp

Unknown said...

I asked the magic 8 ball if you would pick me and it said, "Yes, most definitely." You don't want to mess with the magic 8 ball. :)

Mindy DeHaven

Kennedymom2010 said...

Ugh, SO FREAKING EXCITED! Hope we win!!! We have so many Christmas Cards to send out this year!!!! :)

Candice Burnham

Phoebe said...

Jess Miller

I wanna win! I wanna win!

Anonymous said...

Pick me. Pick me. Melanie Mantz

Anonymous said...

I LOVE our recent shoot and would love to showcase it...
Amanda Springer

Beth Roberts said...

fingers crossed!!
beth roberts

Alli G said...

You rock!!!
Alli Golden

Jamie Rosas said...

Thanks Brooke!

Jamie Rosas


Anonymous said...

We hope we get it:)
Brittany & Gracie

Boston to Nashville said...

Eeeeek! Z's pics are coming in today and I'm DYING to see them!

Dana Weinstein

Brandi Richards said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandi Richards said...

OMG pick us please!! We love you and all your amazing work. We would be soooooo happy to have Xmas cards from you. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome at what you do and I can't wait to come back! Christmas cards would be awesome!! Keep doing a great job!

Julie York

Anonymous said...

Whoop whoop!
Monika Ridley

Emily said...

Emily Foster

Lanesia Strange said...

Really would like to win some Christmas Cards!! See you in 2 weeks.

Lanesia Strange

Chrissy said...

We need the cards and pic to show off our new baby girl! See you next week.

Chrissy Grisham

Unknown said...

Dorothy Fouche

Cari said...

Looking forward to our shoot! Hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner! Cari

Wendy Anderson said...

You are so awesome and so are your Christmas Cards! Miss & Love you!!

Wendy Anderson

Anonymous said...

I would love christmas cards of my wonderful girls. The photos you have taken of them are amazing. Thank you
Karie Cox

Melissa said...

What a great idea!!
Melissa Grimmig

Unknown said...

Yea!! Christmas cards from Brooke Kelly--what an amazing gift. We can't wait for our next session with you. Love, The Hesters

Sydney Hester

Unknown said...

Yea!! Christmas cards from Brooke Kelly--what an amazing gift. We can't wait for our next session with you. Love, The Hesters

Sydney Hester

molly said...

Yay!!! I am so excited pick me pick me!!!

Anonymous said...

I love contests the mean I get free Christmas Cards. I am in.

Robert Burnham

molly said...

Molly Boyd

We are so excited about our session next week. See you soon.

Tara said...

Tara Szopinski

Can't wait for you to come to our house for Cooper's 6 month photo shoot! He told me that he is very excited =)

Anonymous said...

Brooke- Can't wait to see what creative and awesome pictures you will take of Keegan on Sunday! You're the best!!

Rholanda Smartt said...

Oops..that comment before was from the Smartts!

The Lippard Family said...

YAY! I love giveaways (and the pictures you take!)

Kim Lippard

Gina Byrd said...

Does it count that we're getting our pictures made next weekend?? So excited and can't wait!!

Gina Byrd

bethology said...

Beth Meisner

I NEED to win this because I desperately need some pix of my baby, but I am broke. :) (Sympathy vote, maybe?) lol

Shannon Alley said...

WE LOVE YOU and your AWESOME talents!

Shannon Alley

Anonymous said...

Always up for pics by Brooke!!!

John and Leslie Scoutten

Brian Fouche said...

That is an awesome offer! You are an awesome photographer! Your photos are awesome! -Brian and Dorothy

Brian Fouche said...

I forgot the email address! cccou@yahoo.com or dorothy.fouche@gmail.com

-Brian and Dorothy

Anonymous said...

Love giveaways. Especially when it involves pictures.
Tiffanie Temple Rudgley

Anonymous said...

Pick Us Please! ;0)

Danielle & Hailey

Anonymous said...

Would love to win :)
Lindsay Scruggs

Anonymous said...

Me, me, me PLEASE!!!! :)
Margret & David Caufield

Anonymous said...

You are our new favorite photographer!! Your work is A-Mazing ;)My husband, Cambry, and I adore your work and would love to share it through your Christmas cards w our family over the holidays!!
Lov-DeAnna Croom

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you today Brooke!! We love our preview!! :)

Crystal Scott

Anonymous said...

Trina Cokinos-
Am really interested in that package!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the two young women I referred to you recently made their appointment for some publicity photos... I told them it may be after the holidays, though... I assured them it would be well worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

Love the halloween photo! Bring on the giveaway. :)

Hillary, hillarylklein@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hope it's not too late :)

Kelly & Nate MacLean