Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Big, Fat Giveaway!!!

In honor of the exciting studio news, I'm having a pretty spectacular giveaway. Well, at least I think it's  fabulous and I hope you do too...  ;)

I hear so often how people (hopefully not my clients?!) are not pleased with their wedding photos and wish they had spent more time researching photographers. This makes me SO SAD. I always say you don't get a do over with your wedding, but I'm hoping this little contest might make up for having less than stellar wedding images.

I am teaming up with the extremely talented ladies of Seriously Foxy Makeup & Skincare and One Source Weddings to give one couple a wedding photo do over! You will get a fully styled photoshoot complete with hair, makeup, flower styling, and location setup! I am so excited!!

How do you enter??

1. Make sure you "like" the BKP fanpage
2. Post one of your wedding photos on that page along with a few words on why you were not satisfied with your photos. (bad lighting, you think you look better now, etc.!)

I will select a winner on Monday, May 23rd.

The winning couple can either wear their original wedding attire, or why not upgrade if you want a new dress?  ;)

Good luck everyone and I can't wait to shoot this session!

p.s.  You can enter if I shot your wedding. I promise not to be offended...especially if it was from when I just started out.   ;)


Anonymous said...

Too bad I can't enter the giveaway. It's an awesome idea, but pretty sure my friend who shot the wedding would be pretty offended if she happened to see our pic posted. :(

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

You can send it to me in an email if you prefer! We all start somewhere, and my first weddings were pretty bad too. It's kind of a "right of passage". :)

Ann-Marie Sutherland said...

Well if I would actually FIT into my wedding dress now I would certainly enter!!! Brooke, you are an amazing photographer!!! This giveaway is a fabulous idea!!!

Nicole Elliott said...

well, I guess I would have to be married to enter this...oh wait.
I hope someone has a fab wedding day do-over :)

Monika said...

Such a sweet and generous giveaway! I am sooo entering! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Brooke! I can't wait to see the photographs of the lucky couple who wins :)