Friday, May 6, 2011

Presley-Kate, 1 year old: Nashville Baby Photographer

 It's hard to believe that Miss Presley-Kate just celebrated her first birthday. I have loved watching her grow over the past year so much! She was ALL over the place at the studio today and I know she gave her Mommy quite the workout. She was also very into her birthday cake and dove right in. It was so funny!

I'd say I'm going to miss this munchkin, but she is going to have a little sister soon and I am SO happy I will get to keep seeing her so often. I can't wait!!  :)


Ann-Marie Sutherland said...

OH my - amazing job as always, Brooke!!! Thank you for all the amazing photos over the last year.

Shannon Nelson Photography said...

Super cute ! Also, your new backgrounds jump off the page ! They look fantastic !

Nicole Elliott said...

The walls so great that people are commenting on them! :)
And, I love the green tub shot - Adorable

p.o.s.h. said...

The shot on the red background is amazing...and this little one enjoying her cake is FANTASTIC!