Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Miller!!! Nashville Wedding Photographer

Yesterday, two of my very dear friends tied the knot. Whoo hoo!!

 Jess and Steve are absolutely perfect for one another. No, really. They ooze adoration for each other and you can't help but beam at them when you are with them. Everyone who knows them knows that they are meant to be together and we were all so excited to witness them become Mr. and Mrs. Miller. When Steve saw Jess walking down the aisle, he boo-hooed his eyes out--which means so did everyone else there. Their love and energy was contagious and so beautiful.

Jess and Steve, I am not only honored that you asked me to both be a bridesmaid and photograph your wedding, but that I am able to call you both two of my dearest friends. You also have the rest of your lives to thank me for introducing you.  ;) 

I love you guys so much. CONGRATULATIONS!!

*To view more favorites from this wedding, click here

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***SUPER DUPER thank you to Chesley for 2nd shooting yesterday. I could not have done it wihout you. THANK YOU for assisting. You are awesome!!


chesley said...

seriously!! how do you have these up already?!! thank you so much for trusting me to do this! these are AWESOME just like i knew they would be!!

Unknown said...

I love the one with Candace in it. :D

Unknown said...

sorry, I meant "ones"...plural. It was kinda like Where's Waldo!

Brooke said...

Ha ha ha, Jenny! I had to add her in to a couple. She was the matron of honor. :)

p.o.s.h. said...

These are amazing. Jess was simply beautiful and Steve looks so dang handsome...these brought a big smile to my face and tears in my eyes. Jess and Steve are the sweetest couple ever. I love you guys so much and I am honored to call you my dearest friends.

And I like how is looks like Tyson has two heads ;)